Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Ministry

A ministry that helps today's man hold on to the ways of God. Men aren't being men today; not being the leaders their families need them to be...that God wanted them to be. Instead, we have a lot of boys who can shave. This ministry will help reach those guys and sharpen their God given manliness to become the Men that God intended them to be. (Upcoming events for this ministry will be posted on our Facebook page.)

Women's Ministry

This ministry focuses on helping women bond through coming together and getting to know God deeper then ever before. By connecting with and encouraging one other we begin to lead, help, and inspire those around us to be disciples of Jesus Christ as well! So come join us for any of our Women's Ministry events, including our "Girlz Night Out"! We'd love to see you there and share and celebrate new friendships, just as Christ intended! (Please visit our Facebook page to stay up to date on any upcoming Women's Ministry events we may have going on.)


Least Of These Ministry

This is something that we all should be doing regardless of being part of a church or not. We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ! Simply put, we help those who are in need; those who have been orphaned, widowed, hungry, sick, weary, and the list goes on. Those whom we reach out to are kept confidential and not made a public spectacle of. Jesus did not heal and offer a helping hand for the fame or a pat on the back, but because of the love He had in His heart for humanity. Should we not do the same.